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Give by e-Transfer

You can e-transfer your donation to

E-Transfers are automatically deposited, so we don't require a password to be set - however, your bank might require one.  We request that you use "sgcc" as the password.

Please fill in the message for your e-Transfer to let us know if it is for something special - otherwise we will assume that it is a Tithe designation.  Also, if you want to receive a tax receipt for your donation(s), it is important that we have your mailing address and email address.  You can put those in the message the first time you donate through e-Transfer, or you can send a separate email to the account to tell us about your e-Transfer and let us know this additional information.

Give Online

You can make a donation through your credit card online through our Church Management System called Breeze.  This donation is processed by PayPal, and is fully secure.

Donate by Text - (587) 600-2380

We also have the option to donate by Text message.  The first time you use this method, you'll be taken to a web page to fill in your credit card information.  From then on, you can simply text an amount to the number, and your donation will be processed.  There is a help function (text the word 'commands') which will walk you through how to make specific designations or correct a mistake.  The text number is: (587) 600-2380

Set up a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

If you would like to set up an automatic monthly withdrawal from your account, we have the ability to set up a Pre-Authorized Debit agreement with you to facilitate this.  We process Pre-Authorized Debits on the 1st and 15th of each month.  To inquire about this giving option, please email us at

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