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The main event for us kicks off on Sundays at 9:30 am!

Come a little earlier if you'd like to have time to get settled, chat with the welcome team or grab a coffee before the service starts. We have visitor parking right at the very front to make things simple for newcomers.

We begin with worship, which means singing songs together as a congregation. Don't know the songs? No problem, we'll have the words up on screens in the sanctuary.


We are a very expressive church and have dancers, musicians and singers at the front leading us through this portion of the service. Kids stay in the service through worship. If you want to move around and be active, there's space around the church available for that!

When worship comes to a close, kids are released to go to their classes. If this is your first time attending, you'll need to register your children! You can do so ahead of time through the link below.

The second portion of our Sunday service is speaking. Most of the time it's one speaker giving a sermon on a particular topic. At this point in time, it's important not to disturb the speaker or those listening. If you have small children who are too young to go to class, we have a 'cry room' at the back of the sanctuary. It has windows and sound piped in so you aren't missing any portion of the service as well as some toys and a changing table for your little ones.


When the speaking is done, the service is essentially over. Frequently we'll stand together and pray in closing. Sometimes one of the leaders will call the prayer team to the front. If this happens and you would like someone to pray for you, you can simply walk to the front of the church and wait for the next available person.

If you have any questions after a service, please talk to a member of our staff or leadership team! (pictured below)


Should you be unable to locate one of these people, you can go to the welcome centre and ask for one of the volunteers there to help you find someone.



Apostolic Leaders Marc and Wendy Brisebois

For over 25 years Marc & Wendy Brisebois have been a Prophetic & Apostolic voice to Canada and the nations of the world.  Possessing a passion to teach believers to know how to hear the voice of God and grow into Christ-likeness, they have laboured to establish a community characterised by Life in the Spirit.  Wendy is recognised for her pastoral mothering heart as well as her gift of administration.

Lead Pastors Chris and Jenn Banas

Chris and Jennifer Banas have been on staff at Community Church for over 20 years. Chris was the youth pastor from 1997-2004 before they moved to Kampala, Uganda for over a year to work with Watoto Child Care Ministries.
After returning home in 2006 they came back on staff at Community Church as Associate Pastors until September of 2019. As of September, 2019, Chris and Jenn have moved into the Lead Pastor role.

Worship/Executive Pastors Ken and Diana Bitner

Ken has been part of Community Church since 1984. He has a heart to see any person, musical or not, use their voice, body and instruments in worship to the Lord. He married Diana - who was the worship leader from the church down the street - in 2002. Diana has a real heart to serve the church body in many ways and especially with women. She also has a heart to see people release their sound to the Lord. Both continue together in ministry with passion and encouragement.

Youth Pastor Paul Eikland

Paul grew up in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove and has been at Community Church for pretty much forever. He has been around and worked with kids and teens in different capacities for most of his life. He has a heart to see teenagers build real relationships and community with others, to have real encounters with Jesus, and then to be mentored and encouraged to live that out in their every day lives!


Jim and Gaylene
den Otter
Ben and Jenna
Cam and Teresa
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