Helps Form

Hello SGCC family,

This is Pastor Chris, my prayer is that our church family is working through the many challenges that Covid-19 has presented to each and every one of us.  We as a church body want to pull together and help one another, so I have some good news for you!

We have put together a new HELPS protocol for anyone in our church body who may need assistance at this time with:
·         Grocery pick-up and delivery
·         Prescription pick-up and delivery
·         Other urgent and essential requests (however does not include moving)

How it Works
1.       Contact church HELPS line at: to inform the team of your need.

2.      Help with grocery pick-up and delivery - Groceries can be ordered from most grocery stores in and around Spruce Grove – most stores require the setting up of an account:
·         Walmart on line shopping (then double click on “on-line grocery shopping” and follow the prompts).
·         No frills on line shopping (then double click on “about on-line grocery shopping” and follow the prompts).
·         Superstore on line shopping (click on welcome to Real Canadian Superstore; choose Alberta then choose pick-up and follow the prompts).
·         Save-on-Foods on line shopping (follow the prompts to create an account)
·         Safeway on line shopping (click on Safeway: Home on-line Grocery Delivery ; then choose SHOP.

3.       Be aware of what each store requires in the way of authorization for a HELPS team member to pick-up your groceries and/or prescriptions this may include name and/or an order number.

4.      If the ordering process is backed up for too long a period of time and your need becomes urgent first contact the HELPS team; then the process is to e-transfer the amount of your grocery order to: and someone will shop for you and deliver your groceries.

5.      All pick-ups and delivery of groceries will be arranged through the HELPS email address.  In order to make the process work well it would be advantageous to place your order on-line well ahead of time so the HELPS team can pick-up and deliver without actually having to shop.  You'll also need to include in that email, the best number to contact you.  They will text you once the groceries are at the door.

6.      If members are finding it difficult to provide groceries for their families, please let us know and we will be available to discuss your need in person.  You can email us at and leave the best number for us to contact you.